Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Recycle more!

More of the plastics you usually throw away is now recyclable. Look closely and the packaging around that toy is recyclable.

More organizations hold electronic recycling events. More recycling businesses are also collecting old batteries and electronics. One of our  local can and bottle redemption centers just started taking electronics. There is no more waiting for that spring or fall drop off with the town. Go there any time!

Many grocery stores are now collecting their plastic bags for recycling. This includes bread bags and produce bags.  How many loaves of bread do you buy per week? How much produce do you buy?

Recycling still does not cost you anything except for time and effort. Still too much stuff ends up in the landfill. Stuff that can be recycled easily. If we would only take the time to do it we would not be wasting our precious land for garbage.