Thursday, March 29, 2012

Green Family Values

Are you the only one in the family sorting the recycling bin. Do you often see items in the garbage that are recyclable and you are not the one that threw it away?
Teaching your family the values of reduce, reuse and recycling is at the core of being a green family. For the most part kids are taught in school to recycle so to enforce this at home makes perfect sense.
When I catch items in the trash that could be recycled I have to remind everyone that those pieces do not belong in the garbage.
As a scouting family, there are also many opportunities to participate in community service events to teach our kids how to give back to people who are in need or just need a helping hand. This also give us an opportunity to teach other kids the values of being green. I try not to be "preachy", but when a moment arises where I can plug a recycle moment I will.
Performing regular conservation projects with the family and in scouting also reinforces the sustainability aspects of being green. Caring for nature and the land around us is just as important as reducing reusing and recycling.
Showing kids to be green at an early age enforces these values in the long run.

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