Friday, June 24, 2011

Old Cordless Electric Lawnmower

Last Fall I picked up a battery powered 24 Volt Black and Decker lawn mower.
I paid $12.50 for it at a church garage sale. I could not pass on the price.

It turned out to be just the eco machine I needed. Especially with gas prices hanging around the $4 per gallon range.

I did have to purchased a new battery for it as the old battery would not charge up all the way. For about $80 I now have a cordless rechargeable lawn mower that will mow my quarter acre almost twice on one charge.

My neighbors can't tell when I'm mowing the lawn as it makes way less noise than its gas powered predecessor. The cutting deck is only 19" versus the 23" deck so I do have to make a couple of additional passes. Also the wheels are not self propelled as its gas counterpart. However the lighter unit makes the exercise I get pushing it worth its while.

Now the charger that came with the unit did not work. So to charge the mower I disconnect the parallel connector between the 12 volt batteries to charge them individually. This way I save on buying the expensive charger and use the battery tender I already have.

Having sharpened the blade myself and the new battery I now have an odor free and less noisy lawn mowing experience for under a hundred bucks.

Now to get my son to do the mowing for me... is another blog subject.

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