Friday, June 24, 2011

Old Cordless Electric Lawnmower

Last Fall I picked up a battery powered 24 Volt Black and Decker lawn mower.
I paid $12.50 for it at a church garage sale. I could not pass on the price.

It turned out to be just the eco machine I needed. Especially with gas prices hanging around the $4 per gallon range.

I did have to purchased a new battery for it as the old battery would not charge up all the way. For about $80 I now have a cordless rechargeable lawn mower that will mow my quarter acre almost twice on one charge.

My neighbors can't tell when I'm mowing the lawn as it makes way less noise than its gas powered predecessor. The cutting deck is only 19" versus the 23" deck so I do have to make a couple of additional passes. Also the wheels are not self propelled as its gas counterpart. However the lighter unit makes the exercise I get pushing it worth its while.

Now the charger that came with the unit did not work. So to charge the mower I disconnect the parallel connector between the 12 volt batteries to charge them individually. This way I save on buying the expensive charger and use the battery tender I already have.

Having sharpened the blade myself and the new battery I now have an odor free and less noisy lawn mowing experience for under a hundred bucks.

Now to get my son to do the mowing for me... is another blog subject.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How do you recycle old clothes?

That is the question I have.

Yes I bring plenty of old clothes to Good Will and the Salvation Army. I even drop some off at our church in their drop box. That is what most people do with their clothes and shoes and blankets, etc.

But what happens to those worn out items. Those clothing items that are no longer usable by other people. I have kids and as you know that do grow out of clothes. They also go through the knees of their favorite jeans. Or they just get a hole in that nice sweater that grandma got for Christmas. I myself have clothes that are just worn out.

Those clothes with holes or worn out knees are definitely not worthy of being sent to Good Will. So what can you do with it? Sending it on to the Salvation Army only burdens them with the task of having to discard it and send it to the land fill.

I have tried to find an answer to this question of how to recycle worn out clothes and other textiles.

Unfortunately I do not have the answer to this. I am finding that companies that say they recycle clothes merely resell them like charities do.

The hunt continues for true textile recyclers.
If you know of a company that does this please comment.

Thank you.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Green Tips for Women who Want to Save Money and Live on a Budget

The following is a guest post from Jason Holmes:

Frugal living can go hand in hand with a safe and greener environment. You just need to have a budget system that you can follow and also change it according to your emergencies. If you have any doubts regarding budget planning, you can get help from various budget planners and softwares available online. There are different ways women can also contribute to make the environment greener. There is quite a lot of debt solutions system that can help you get debt relief. Get help from banks to have more knowledge on it. This will also help you save money on the basic amenities such as water and electricity.

How to accumulate more green and make the environment greener?

If you save more money on your daily items, you can accumulate more money. There is some really feasible environment friendly ways that can help you have a good savings account as well as pay off the debts if you have. Take a look at the ways you can make the Earth a happy place to live:

1. Cosmetic items

This is really an important part which requires a lot of attention. But instead of spending money on them, you can check out the natural ways you can take care of your skin and hair. There are a lot of good recipes that help you make a sun block cream that is environment friendly as well as productive. There are a lot of oils like jojoba, avocado and almond oil that are natural and can be used for a very long time.

They are available in the market for fewer prices and can do wonders for your skin and hair. You can use fruit face packs or masks at home so that you can save money on the expensive products. There are a lot of websites that are dedicated to teach you innumerable ways to make colored cosmetics including lipsticks and eye-makeup. The basic ingredients are easily available in some of the shops. Ingredients such as mica and oxides make good eye-makeup.

2. Electricity saving

You can also contribute into saving electricity, your money and the environment. You just need to follow certain steps for that. If you can cut back on the heating curlers and the heating iron to straighten your hair, you can save a lot of electricity. Let your hair dry naturally. If you want to use curlers, you can go for small plastic curlers that need no electricity.

You can save money as well as lead a frugal life without being cheap. You can also lessen the use of microwave oven and cook your food on the gas. If you just want to heat food, you can keep one container on top of the container that is getting heated. This way, you'll save on the gas bills too. Try to use aluminum utensils so that they can easily get heated.

3. Healthy yet money saver food

You can cut on unhealthy and rich in calories snacks and switch to yogurt, juice or salad to help you save money and your medical expenses. Make a list of the food items that can saved you money as well as keep the environment in check. If you save on unhealthy food, you can also save money on gym classes. You can also try to walk a lot so that you can save on fuel. Try to consult your doctor so that he/she can help you in your diet chart. You can also save a lot on your insurance premiums and your insurer may also give you discounts.

The tips above will help you establish a good life with a good savings account. The steps can surely become debt solutions if you follow them well.

Jason Holmes is a regular writer with Debt Consolidation Care and is also a contributory writer with other financial sites. His expertise is woven around various aspects of the debt industry and with his e-books he tries to impart to people the different situations and simple solutions to get out of difficult situations. Some of his works include e-books like 'Credit Score The Quintessential Therapy for a Happy Pocket', Take Creditors and Collection Agencies to Small Claims Court' and, My Story- From Depression To a Smile'.