Friday, February 12, 2010

How Green are the Vancouver Olympics

With the opening ceremonies underway for the 2010 Winter Olympics, many questions arise whether the Olympics are getting greener. Being a global event, this venue is the perfect showcase to be environmentally friendly and promote sustainability basics.

The stage is set. All the lights are on Vancouver for the start of another Winter Olympics. But, to construct venues and prepare for all the activities of an event of this magnitude you can't help but wonder if it is truly green or just a big sustainable washout.

Carving the bobsled run in the mountain side, adding roadways to accommodate increased traffic, and trucking in snow from other areas to add to a melting base do not sound like carbon friendly activities.
Planning on a hydrogen highway for technology and infrastructure that are not quite there yet does not make much sense either.

With all that was built and changed the intent was to make Vancouver the "greenest" major city in the world. Did it achieve that? Only time will tell. Maybe not in the near term, but over the long run the foundation has been put in place to get this city well under way to becoming much more sustainable than it was before the Olympics.

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