Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Saving energy and being green for 2010

Saw a news report stating that legislators are urging people to take advantage of the tax rebates and do what it takes to reduce energy costs in their house. They are calling it the "cash for caulkers" program.

Are people willing to invest up front for a payout in taxes? This could be a good thing for everyone...except the utilities :-(

So what is covered. They say anything that will reduce energy costs in your house.
I would assume that would include energy star rated windows, insulation, and sealing by caulking drafts.
Purchasing energy efficient appliances to replace less efficient models.
Replacing that old heater/air conditioner with an energy star rated model.

I personally think keeping the rebates and tax incentives through 2010 would help people out tremendously. I think more people will take advantage of the program and will want to make their house more energy efficient.

What do you think?

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