Friday, August 14, 2009

To Flush or Not To Flush...That is the Question.

Ok, I read a lot about conserving water. Even saw a show on TV dedicated to water on earth. You read about the drought in the Western US, in the Middle East (yes in Asia). Fresh water is a precious commodity all over the world. Especially with global warming, as the scientists seem to think, water needs to be treated like oil.

Well here in the North East there has been no sign of a drought. As a matter of fact this summer has been one of the wettest on record. We are a little spoiled when it comes to water. My rain barrels have not had a chance to go dry. We have not had to extensively water our lawns. Plants are growing and flowering like the weeds. OK OK so now we are gloating.

Where does that fit in with the global environment? Should we rest on our laurels? Should we pray to the rain Gods to stop sending us rain and start sending it to the drought stricken areas? Well we can, but let's not go that far yet. Remember how we had those dry seasons in the Northeast several years ago lowering the Great Lakes to several feet below normal? Well, this could happen again.

I say everything in moderation. Just because you have an abundance does not mean you won't run out. Fresh water is precious commodity and should always be treated as such. Why do you think there are companies spending all kinds of money on how to get fresh water from the ocean? There are filters that purify water and there are gadgets that will pull water from the air.

Until fresh water is readily available on all dry areas of land, it should be treated respect. Even if it means reducing the amount of water you use for your shower. And even if it means reducing the number of flushes of your toilet.

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