Saturday, July 18, 2009

How popular is being green?

Green as green can be.
Is green a dirty word these days?
I even heard some people are sick of the green thing.
Is being green getting a bad rap?

It's almost like saying that saving money is a bad thing or that living in a polluted environment is fine. I still think that people are inundated by green and would prefer to see more savings. People don't like spending more money now to see a future ROI. Most of us like to see savings on the next bill.

Unfortunately it does not work that way. But we will not change the nay sayers. Let's stick to the people who already believe in the green concept. Then as time goes by even those who are sitting on the fence may join.

It also goes back to what being green is all about. Being sustainable. Being energy efficient. Being environmentally responsible. It is not wasting water. It is not wasting energy. It is not being wasteful in general.

For those who read my posts regularly know I will not preach being green. I would just like to see common sense in energy use and environmental responsibility. You do not have to be green to do either.

Thanks for letting me ramble on here. Let me know your stand point.

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  1. Rob you are right, I have the same thing for the office I want to use recled paper 100% but the cost is 3 time more so I by 15 or 20% when it is on sale. I have a few paper stores near by and they will call me when they can not sell thier 100% paper and I buy it for less than virgin paper because no one will buy it. I look at it the same as you if you do not want to change your light bulbs to save money that is just foolish I think. Great post