Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Heater Maintenance... Even in the Summer

OK OK it is summer and I'm having my furnace cleaned and inspected. This is part of the annual maintenance agreement I bought with Isaac Heating. At least I know that the heater will function properly and efficiently in the late fall if it is needed.

Getting a maintenance agreement on our heater is not only a smart thing to do, but also a necessary one. We still have an older model heater and the unit is not the most reliable. So when we first moved in several years ago I thought it was important to get a service maintenance agreement.

For what I paid for the year it is well worth the investment. Aside from the annual clean up and inspection I am also covered for any emergencies. As in, if my heater dies in the middle of winter I get service within 24 hrs and this includes weekends. Anyone with a wife and kids can relate on how important that comfort is to them.

Regular maintenance is also very important. Just changing the filter every season is not enough. These guys come in and check out the inflow temperature vs.the outflow temperature. They clean and inspect the ignition parts and several other services that insure that your system is running at its optimum capability.

Running an inefficient heater is like running your car with incorrect ignition timing. It just doesn't run well. Now especially with the new high efficient heater and air-conditioners you still need to perform regular maintenance to keep them running at their peak of efficiency.

As I start to look at new furnaces I keep maintenance agreements in mind. It will be part of the sale.


  1. Did not know that they offered a maintenance agreement do all heating companies do that or just Isaac. I would have to say that is money well spent.Now if you need a new furnace do you have to pay for it or the labor how does that work?

  2. That's a good question. Your current agreement extends onto the new unit and you get additional discounts.

  3. That is great for what it cost you can not beat it. You know somting will go wrong and you are covered. Thanks Chris