Friday, May 29, 2009

Teaching About Going Green Early in Life

When did you first learn about being green? When did you start thinking about the environment? Or have you always lived the green lifestyle? Or not.

This is interesting. I just read an article that it is important to teach kids about the environment early in life. This way it becomes second nature.

I have kids in first grade and have seen projects come home that involved environmental stewardship. Also because I do the green thing the kids already hear enough about it from me. I regularly tell them what to recycle and what needs to be composted.

I was brought up in the Netherlands where recycling and composting are a way of life. There is not a lot of room to throw garbage so much needs to be recycled. The local pig farmer would go around and pick up kitchen scraps to feed his pigs. Cans and bottles were all returnable. Riding the bus, train and bicycle are a standard occurrence. You did not have room for a hot water tank - a tankless water heater is the norm.

It has been many years since I've moved here to the U.S., but many of my childhood habits of basic environmental conservatism still holds. So I applaud any and all the education system has to offer kids in way of the environment.


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