Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Recycle everything: Including Sex Toys?

Yes, even sex toys need to be recycled if they are no longer needed. What would you do with that old, worn out, non-functioning rubber toy? Discretely throw it in the garbage?

Like other broken appliances, sex toys would only join the tons of garbage at the landfill and would hardly decompose. OK so I can't have you imagine the landfills loaded with old sex toys...although some of you may.

The better alternative is to recycle them. How would you go about doing that?
Put them in the blue bin at the curb? Well... no.
There is a new alternative.

Recycleyoursextoy.com is your green sex toy re-cycler. They are a non-profit organization helping to green the sex toy industry. Just follow the instructions on their web site and send them your unused, non functioning sex toys. You don't even have to remove the batteries, as they will recycle them for you.

Recycleyoursextoy.com is even offering a $10 gift certificate to use at participating affiliates.

How is that for being green on a budget.


  1. Well well not sure what to say hear Rob. I recycle plastic as you well know and I must say if we ever got a call for recycling sex toys I would probably fall off my chair laughing. I not sure what I would even say to my grinders. Any how the plastic is of the highest grades and would be very easy to re sell and thing that the companies that are doing it is great.
    Talk to you later

  2. This site is much better for recycling sex toys, they give you $10 back for every toy, and they are a full facility not some guys basement (that's creepy).

    They are also working with Doc Johnson (Impressive). You can read about it at Recycle Your Sex Toys

  3. I still find this a trip. I think it is great that you can do but I would like to know how many do it.