Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Flush this

How much water do you flush down the toilet daily?
6 to 10 flushes per day? at 1.6 gallons per flush.
Then multiply this times the number of family members living in the house.
For my household that makes about 80 gallons flushed per day.
That comes to about 2500 gallons flushed per month.

If I were to install a dual flush toilet we would only use .8 gallons for most flushes. That would cut our water usage to more than half our current rate.

So is it worth the price of a new dual flush toilet?
For those people on their own well-system, dual flush toilets would help conserve water during those dry months when rain is scarce. We get city water so the effect is limited.
Macustrade sells dual flush toilets with a price range of $280 to $690. If I were to rebuild my bathroom, I would consider putting in a dual flush. But to just change it to save water does not make economical sense right now. There are bigger wastes going on that need to be addressed and would have a much bigger impact on the bottom line.

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  1. Hi Rob
    Not sure if I agree 100% with on this. You have kids and a lovely wife and if you all uses the toilet 4 time a day you would pay for it in 1 year or less. Our water cost .04 a gallon right
    6 people x going to the bathroom 4 time a day is
    24x.1.6 gallons per flush = 38.4 gallons a day
    38.4 gallons a day x 365 = 14,016 gallons a year
    14,016 gallons a year x .04 = $560.64
    $560.64 less your new one at say $350.00 you made $210.64 bucks and could take me out to dinner for saving you $210.64.Evan if you are paying $.02 I think it would be worth it.
    I think all of are towns or States should offer a rebate to every one to change there toilets to the double flush system we would save billions of gallons a year. Plus we would reduce the number a chemicals used in water treatment. If I am missing some thing please let me know because I want to change mine in my house.
    Chris D. Maenza Sr.