Monday, April 27, 2009

Info on the North Country Energy Fair

Day 1

So we spent the past week-end at the North Country Sustainable Energy Fair and Home Tours, up in Canton, New York. The event was held at SUNY Canton which has a great location north of the Adirondack park. The weather was sunny and warm, but the wind kept things cool.

Me and Chris from International E-Brokerage arrived at the college just before 8 a.m. so we had plenty of time to scope out the accommodations and get setup for the crowds to wander in around 10 a.m.

We were able to get setup outside in the courtyard right next to SOS Solar systems. We hung our banners and set out the displays.
We had never attended one of these fairs and were anxious to see what kind of questions we would get.

The pace throughout the day was slower than expected. We were told that last year's attendance was between 10 and 15 thousand people over the course of two days. So were were expecting bigger crowds. We had a steady stream of interested people.

It was nice not to have to explain sustainability to this audience. People came to get educated on what products are available to make their lives a little more greener. And that makes it all worth while.

I also had a little time to browse with the different exhibitors on the inside and on the outside. I'll have to post on some specific vendors as I review the materials I collected from each of them.

Day 2

Boy had the weather changed. We went from being nice and warm to looking for heat. We drank more coffee to keep warm than anything else. As the day went on it seemed to get even cooler.

We still spoke to a good number of people, but not near as many as we did on the first day.

At the end of the day we spoke to some interesting people. Got our word out on sustainability and being green on a budget. Made some good contacts and even made some friends. And that is what it is all about.

We may have to do this again next year.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Up coming weekend at the North Country Energy Fair

This upcoming weekend on April 25 and 26th we'll be attending the North Country Energy Fair and Home tour up in Canton NY. And with WE I mean me and Chris Maenza of International E-brokerage. Together we'll be promoting sustainability with Chris' barrels and the Ultimate Green List.
It is supposed to be a large two day event attracting people of the North East and Canada. I am looking forward to meeting the different vendors showing their eco-friendly and energy efficient wares.
We'll have to absorb as much as possible and let you know how the event worked out. Who knows I might even try to report on how things are going right from the event.
It should be a fun filled weekend.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Flush this

How much water do you flush down the toilet daily?
6 to 10 flushes per day? at 1.6 gallons per flush.
Then multiply this times the number of family members living in the house.
For my household that makes about 80 gallons flushed per day.
That comes to about 2500 gallons flushed per month.

If I were to install a dual flush toilet we would only use .8 gallons for most flushes. That would cut our water usage to more than half our current rate.

So is it worth the price of a new dual flush toilet?
For those people on their own well-system, dual flush toilets would help conserve water during those dry months when rain is scarce. We get city water so the effect is limited.
Macustrade sells dual flush toilets with a price range of $280 to $690. If I were to rebuild my bathroom, I would consider putting in a dual flush. But to just change it to save water does not make economical sense right now. There are bigger wastes going on that need to be addressed and would have a much bigger impact on the bottom line.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Recycle everything: Including Sex Toys?

Yes, even sex toys need to be recycled if they are no longer needed. What would you do with that old, worn out, non-functioning rubber toy? Discretely throw it in the garbage?

Like other broken appliances, sex toys would only join the tons of garbage at the landfill and would hardly decompose. OK so I can't have you imagine the landfills loaded with old sex toys...although some of you may.

The better alternative is to recycle them. How would you go about doing that?
Put them in the blue bin at the curb? Well... no.
There is a new alternative. is your green sex toy re-cycler. They are a non-profit organization helping to green the sex toy industry. Just follow the instructions on their web site and send them your unused, non functioning sex toys. You don't even have to remove the batteries, as they will recycle them for you. is even offering a $10 gift certificate to use at participating affiliates.

How is that for being green on a budget.