Friday, March 13, 2009

Earth: the Sequel: Did you watch the show on Discovery?

Highlighting the contents of the book Earth: the Sequel, the show was a very informative session, that showed some great innovators working to reduce CO2 emissions and reducing our dependence on foreign oil.

They covered the major areas of renewable technologies. This included: geothermal power, solar power, wind power, bio-fuel production, hydro-power from flowing water currents, and electric cars. Inventors and entrepreneurs described how they are working to use renewable energy as a way to make money and provide jobs.

It was great to see how some projects are already making a significant impact on reducing CO2 emissions. Then there were others who will see production scheduled within the next couple of years. Now that is exciting.

Most of the show was dedicated to large scale projects such as PV installation in Arizona. But the smaller ones will have impact none-the-less once fully realized.

However, to really make it work, it will take political involvement in the way of a comprehensive energy policy. Without this change high CO2 emissions will continue to be out of balance with clean energy and thereby negating the positive impacts already in place.

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