Friday, February 27, 2009

Remember the little things you can do.

Making big changes to be green can be difficult for many people. Doing the "Green" thing one little step at a time may make more sense and allows you to make it an easier and permanent transition.
You do not have to make big changes to impact the environment. Think about what little things you can do to reduce, re-use, and recycle. Some of them may actually make the biggest impact.

At home:
Instead of buying an upgraded water heater, turn down the water temperature by one degree and turn down the faucet to use less water.
Recycle one more thing than you did last month.
Turn down the thermostat for your heater by one degree.
One day per week stop using paper towels and use cloth instead.

At dinner:
Eat all vegetables one day per week and compost the wastes.
Use cloth napkins on the week-ends.(then graduate to the whole week)

When shopping:
Use the canvas shopping bags instead of plastic. You can also refuse the plastic bag when you only buy one or two things at the store.
Buy one of the items you usually get in bulk.

Going to work and at work:
Car pool one day per week.
Try not to print anything for one day at the office: for example make Friday "no print-out day".

Well you get the drift. And I am sure you have heard and seen these tips before.
Now let's put them to action. They don't cost you anything. As a matter of fact they may save you money instead.

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