Friday, January 23, 2009

Energy Efficiency for All?

Here is a question I ponder regularly: What would it take to help the less fortunate live in an energy efficient home or apartment? Why should they be paying the full cost of utilities and water. Shouldn't they be able to save money on their energy bills also?

Brad Pitt is helping people in New Orleans get back on their feet by building energy efficient homes. Could this happen to others living in the most poverty stricken areas of your city? Maybe not to that extend, but for parts?

How about just the insulation? It would help reduce the heating bills in the winter and less strain on air-conditioning and electric bills in the summer.

OK, maybe the windows? How many landlords have Energy Star windows installed in their apartment buildings, only to leave the tenants deciding whether to pay for heat or food?
So much for sustainability on the side of the owners.

I know deep down it is a large task and would take a lot of money to get accomplished. But it would be a worthwhile venture. What would the benefits be? We know what the environmental benefits would be. Let's not talk green, but practically.

I would think that you know what the overall benefits would be to a family of four living on less than $20,000 per year. Now think about how this could be accomplished.

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  1. Great topic...actually one of the biggest to contend with today. Solar, wind and geothermal are all great options...if you make over 100K a year. Tax incentives and rebates are great but not enough. More government subsidies (hopefully coming soon but nothing certain these days)
    Shopping local - Places like rehouse your local window supplier may have discounted windows from wrong size orders.
    Craigslist - Always great to find anything reused there but household items can really save you some bucks, I use it all the time.
    Garage sales - far from now but nice to think about
    In general, it never hurts to ask other local businesses what they do with some of their waste....who knows, maybe you will find the next best trash to cash green product while keeping it out of our landfills. Again, great topic Robert.