Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Is LEED over the top?

Ok so you are thinking: "His last post is a little out there... I can't afford to get my house LEED certified." And for most, me included, that is true.

But there was a reason behind my madness. I was just trying to educate you on a very complete and comprehensive certification that seems to hold up a lot of water in the building industry. If there are things we can take away from this and say that we have learned something then I have done my job. As I will continue to do here.

Think about this: Say you just installed rainbarrels under every downspout around your house. Did you know that by installing those you have just partially met the LEED requirement for surface water management (item number 4 on the LEED for Homes Project Checklist) Remember that the little steps you take now will help you in the future.

I will continue to learn and relay more information on LEED certification in manageable chunks.

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