Friday, December 26, 2008

Being green for 2008 and beyond

Christmas is past us. Whew! Now I am getting ready for the New Year and turning a new leaf.
A green leaf that is. What projects have we done in 2008 to be more eco conscious?

This year I started this Blog to get my own point of view out on getting green on a budget. Hoping to get to those folks who don't want to spend an arm and a leg to be environmentally responsible. If I can help a small group of people then I have done my job. And thanks for your continuous suppport.

I have started composting this year as part of trying to reduce the amount of garbage we produce as a family. This upcoming spring I should see the fruits of our labor.

Another big project for 2008 was rain water recovery. I installed two 55 gallon drums under my down spout. I have two more barrels to paint and install this upcoming year.

This past year I did some renovations in my house reclaiming the wood for reuse. I should have enough material for some outdoor projects I have planned for 2009.

Don't forget the electronics recycling. I lightened the load in my office considerably and did not add to the local land fill to get that done.

None of these activities required a lot of extra cash, just some common sense. By keeping green in mind as you go about your daily activities you would be surprised by how much you and your family can reduce you own environmental impact.

What is coming up in 2009? Solar lighting? Worm composting? More rain harvesting? Reduce the carbon footprint of our house?

Only time will tell....

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