Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Time To Go Indoors

Yes, it is starting to get chilly out there.
Cleaned out my gas insert in the fireplace and got it running.
Tightened up the gas lines to my gas stove in the family room, and fired it up.
I've had that stove now for one full season going into its second season and we like it.

The nicest thing about our gas stove vs my old wood stove is that it is easier on my back. When it gets too cold I just need to flip a switch. No more cutting wood. No more stacking wood. No dirt tracking in the house. You know it also has reduced the indoor allergens. The wood stove was very neat to have, but it was inefficient and created too much of a mess.

Of course I'm saving some trees by not burning all that wood. (about 8 face chords per season)
And I am also no longer polluting with all the smoke from the chimney. I'm sure my neighbors appreciate it also.

This Quadra-Fire model gas stove is 85% efficient. The gas burns more environmentally friendly. Above all this saves us money over the whole heating season. I just hope the heating season will not last as long as it did last year. The money we saved ended up going into a longer season. Mother nature does not always cooperate there.

As long as we are doing our part to increase efficiencies in our house and reduce our carbon foot print. That makes it worth it.

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