Sunday, September 7, 2008

Green Calculators

Man, I almost forgot about this. My brother had sent me a link to a web site with very useful "Java based" calculators. Now the author, Chuck Wright calls them "calculators to figure out conservation and renewable energy". I call them "Green" calculators.

There is one that figures out your personal carbon foot print. Then he has others to calculate how insulation saves you money and how it wastes if you don't. There is even a calculator to help you size a PV system.

For you DIYers out there, this may be very helpful.

Browse his site there is other Green information there also.

I'll add a permanent link on the side for future reference.

Thanks Chuck!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Recycling Garbage by the tons?

Wow! I just read a great article about a company that recycles raw garbage.
This is very exciting at so many levels! Could you imagine a day where landfills are a thing of the past. I could not pass on telling you about it.

The company, Plasco Energy Group claims to be able to take raw garbage and reduce/recycle it to the following usable products:
  • Electricity - "the only technology that can recover more than a megawatt-hour of net power per ton of waste processed."
  • Potable Water
  • Commercial Salt
  • Construction Aggregate
  • Agricultural Fertilizer

They currently operate two working plants: one in Ottawa, Canada and one in Castillgali, Spain. Another plant is currently underway in Alberta, Canada. Los Angeles, CA is under negotiation to build one there.

I wonder if there are other companies out there working on similar technologies...