Sunday, August 3, 2008

So how "green" are you or am I today?

I ask myself that question every so often. How about you?
Ok, so not every body thinks like I do.
But with the headlines in the paper, on TV and the internet who can ignore it?

So I go through scenarios such as these:
What else can I recycle to reduce my contribution to the landfill?
What would it take to reduce my use of gasoline and thereby also reducing my carbon emissions?
Are there any simple fixes to reduce my electricity use?
How about energy efficiency of the house?

Man, my head is spinning. So many things to think about.
There definitely are projects to take on that can and will reduce this family's carbon foot print.
Of course some take time. Some take money. And some take both.
All you can do is a little at a time as your budget allows.

So what project will you do next to reduce your carbon foot print?

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