Thursday, August 28, 2008

Getting ready for the fall heating season

OK Kids are about to get back to school.

With outside temps starting to dip into the 50s at night it will soon be heating season. Are you ready to warm things up in your house? Ok this may be too soon, but it is never too early to insure that your heating system is in top shape.

OK so how does heating your house have anything to do with being green?

Heating efficiency has everything to do with being green. Losing heat out the chimney wastes energy. Losing heat out through the walls and ceiling is also wasteful. Using an electric heater...well you get the drift.

There are things you can do now that will save you on energy costs over the winters.

Before it gets too cold are your windows sealed properly? I had new energy efficient windows installed two years ago. I noticed some needed to have the caulking fixed. Anyone can perform this easy repair and caulking is cheap. Of course be careful on the ladder for those high up windows.

Is your house insulated properly? In some cases you can do this yourself. Especially up in the attic. Getting a professional opinion for outside walls that have little to no insulation may be well worth in the long run.

How about your forced air furnace? Have you replaced the filter? This should be done at least once per year. At best twice per year. Especially if it is a long hard heating season like it was last year in upstate NY.

Let's not forget the furnace cleaning. I have a maintenance contract that includes an annual cleaning. This keeps the furnace running in top form. When they clean the furnace they also can usually spot trouble before it starts.

Insulated and efficient: How's that for being green.

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