Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Update on my home made rain barrels.

It rained pretty good here last week so I decided to get hardware and paint the second barrel.

So I needed to find another 3/4 in bulkhead fitting. I decided to go to one of the mom and pop hardware stores in our area, as I know they carry all kinds of plumbing supplies. I found the same Hayward fitting for the same $21 price as I installed on the first barrel. Then I found a plastic spigot for $3.97. Man what a deal!
As there is no substantial water pressure behind it this should work.

I painted the barrel in the same manner as the first one and installed the spigot.

In order to have the water flow from one barrel into the other, I made a short hose with connectors on both ends. (Like most people I always have an old hose laying around to cut up and reuse.) After connecting the hose to both barrels' spigots I opened the faucet on both causing the water to flow from one into the other. Thanks to my father for the physics lesson.

Here is a picture of both barrels.
They are both filled after a good night's rainfall.

Plastic barrels painted to be rain barrels

The plants are loving it. We'll have a dry week this week, but our plants will keep sipping on rainwater.

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