Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Home Made, Cheap Wind Turbines

So are there cheaper wind turbines out there?
Well I did find some out there for under $140????
Check out my next edition for more on this.

I found one person who built a windturbine for about $140. http:/ It was built totally from scratch from he had lying around his shed and parts bought at a hardware store. He also got a great deal on the motor, which he got on eBay. This turbine produced about enough power for his pop-up camper. also has a book and plans to make a 1000 Watt wind turbine for under $100. I wonder if this price has been adjusted for inflation.

Check out this video of another home made wind turbine:

Links to some others who have made their own wind turbines:

From the looks of it these are small units producing enough power to light a lamp, and a laptop.(the basics for bloggers out there) You also need to be handy with some tools. For those of us who are not sure how to operate a screwdriver and saw would have to look at a finished model and then we are out of the low budget arena.

Of course what it comes down to is the fact that these units can give you free electricity. And above all they do not pollute. Hats off to those handy men and women out there willing to give it a try. If I had the land for it and enough wind I would try it. It would make a fun project without going broke. That's being green on a budget.

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